Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

Our Mission

Gateway's mission is to make and grow fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ among the unchurched people in the East San Gabriel Valley.

Our vision

Gateway Friends strives to faithfully walk through the four doors God has called us to - Authentic relationships, Missions Passionate, Bless the Community and have a Facility that Facilitates Ministry.

The four doors

As a church, we emphasize our values through the Four Doors to reach people in Christ and for Christ.

Authentic Relationships - We want to make Gateway a place where people develop an authentic relationship vertically with Christ and horizontally with each other.

Bless the Community - We seek to bless our relational community and our geographic communities.

Missions Passionate - We want to develop and grow a passion for missions, both locally and globally.

A Facility that Facilitates Ministry - We are committed to steward our resources that God has given us to minister to the church body and our community.
Authentic relationships
Bless the community
Missions Passionate
Facility that Facilitates Ministry

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